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The Vesper Martini Came Later: A Campiagn to Introduce Campari

In his first novelized missions, just after WWII, James Bond’s drink was the Americano: Campari, Cinzano and Perrier (see Fleming, 2008, p 5). Today, it is a drink on Mad Men, obtaining product placement on that popular series (see MadMen Cocktails). Campari is an Italian aperitif, infused with herbal essences as well as extracts from the Cochineal beetle.

Need NAICS? OST Does
The first phase of my Campari campaign is B-to-B with an objective of increasing awareness of this historic drink in America among influentials. The strategy I will follow is to seed happening places such as clubs and bars with the product. This focuses initially on opinion leaders who obtain positive direct experience with the brand.

Once word of mouth creates a buzz about the product, then widen distribution to sectors surrounding the “in” spots. Keller (p 57) postulates that word of mouth advertising is particularly effective at building positive brand image in the product categories of restaurants and drinking places.

The tactic is to use direct email and direct mail to alcoholic drinking places to get them to carry Campari and incent them to introduce it. To do this, I start with the NAICS code for bars, coded in NAICS as alcoholic drinking places. Once word of mouth has worked its magic, then I will expand to other businesses that sell alcohol, such as liquor stores.

Getting the NAICS Codes
I used the Census Bureau worksheet of all NAICS codes to find the one for the business category of bars and drinking establishments. The worksheet is located at: Census NAICS. In record 2122, NAICS code 72 I find accommodation and food services industry segment. Reviewing the subordinate records, I then find in record 2137, NAICS code 722 - food services and drinking places. Then with record 2155 and following, I find NAICS codes 7224, 72241, and 722410 all with the same description, “drinking places, alcoholic beverages.”

I will go with the full six-digit NAICS code 722410 when I deal with list vendors. is my Lister of Choice
Yo, where my drunks at? A list broker can help me answer that question. In dealing with list brokers, Vanides (2009, pp 1-2) gives some pointers.

In my case, I will want to work with the vendor on a follow-up campaign to liquor stores and more normal bars and restaurants. So the advice from Vanides is to select a broker who will work with me on OST. A truly professional vendor can help me properly set-up my first campaign so the second phase is easily feasible. I will also need a vendor with multiple files, so I can do appropriate follow-up with them for a different set of industries like liquor stores.

I will be segmenting on NAICS code and also on characteristics of the drinking place, as in trendy. One issue that can arise from this segmentation is overuse – too many other businesses are trying to reach my audience with other offers. The repetition of such email or mails creates immunity to new messages according to Gladwell (2002, p 273).

According to Vanides (p 2) the list broker has a key role, “Understanding how the source-mix has changed” and how that will affect the campaign. With all this in mind, I have selected SalesGenie.Com to help me with this vital work. They were enumerated in both Lesson 6 (see Vanides, 2009, p 2) and Multichannel Merchant (2008, p 2). Multichannel Merchant gives this write-up.

“ is an Internet-based subscription service that helps sales representatives and business owners find new customers and increase sales. With 24/7 access to the freshest leads and mailing lists, and hundreds of search selections, clients can find the right prospects in minutes! Clients can search all 12 of infoUSA’s databases, which are comprised of the most comprehensive business and consumer data in the industry. Choose from 14 million U.S. businesses.210 million consumers and 10 other databases. “
Multichannel Merchant has write-ups on a dozen other list brokers as well.

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