Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tracking Attitude with CRM and EFM Systems

Tracking attitude is essential according to Beasty (2007, p 32). The dated practice of unique surveys that are discarded after use is being replaced by the use of templates in EFM systems. Beasty says that "by making previous templates and survey results accessible" companies can re-issue a survey and track how customer attitudes are changing. The old ways, where every survey had a different set of questions, had limited utility because analysts could not reference to previous work to identify trends.

Musico (2009, p 30) says that "predictive analytics" lets us do what-if analysis on future consequences based on current attitudes. This again is part of the feedback funnel enabled by EFM. He goes on to say that this is an absolute must. Who knows, maybe the distinct smell of Chapter 13 in the air will get senior management to ferry their attention through a slide presentation and then give their blessing to these techniques before the lethal swing of customer disatisfaction cuts them down.

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