Saturday, September 12, 2009

Customer Communications

Scott (2007, pp 162-3) says that after a deal is closed with a new customer it is essential to keep a dialog with them. We need to give them ample opportunity to give us feedback, which helps us make the products better, as well as keeping them as customers. He goes on to review SugarCRM and concludes (p. 165) that to be effective, marketing must constantly measure and improve. This to me is what CRM and especially EFM systems are all about.

Musico (2009. p. 33) says we need to know our racket. This means it is crucial to have a comprehensive view of the customer, “because the only way to get that needed view of the customer …is through improved analytics.” Such an improved view of the customer can improve revenues. Musico speculates that feedback can also help improve efficiency.

Musico, C (2009). SERVING UP SERVICE STRATEGIES. Customer Relationship Management. Retrieved on September 9, 2009 from EBSCOHOST.

Scott, D (2007). The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Wiley.

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