Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal Software Process

Statistical analysis is an integral part of marketing communications. Statistics is also used in bid proposals for software engineering projects, and more generally in software development process management. The Software Engineering Institute has a rigorous course called the Personal Software Process. It is based on the book “A Discipline for Software Engineering” by Watts S. Humphrey and is part of the SEI Series in Software Engineering. The purpose is for students in the course to understand the process of software development while developing statistical tools for documenting and analyzing this process.

During the course, ten programs are developed at a rigorous pace. Estimates are made on the time it will take to go through the various phases to develop the program. Actual times for each step in the process are compared and statistical analysis done on the differences and the trends. The program assignments themselves are to develop the statistical tools used to do this analysis.

Additionally, bugs that were encountered are recorded and explained along with strategies for avoiding them in future. A report is prepared for each program, PSP1 through PSP10. I used C++ for the programming language and used Visual Studio 6 as the IDE.

Here are the solution reports, with C++ source code, and statistical analysis that I developed in the course.


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