Friday, September 5, 2008

Best Buy Reward Zone Loyalty Program

Researching the Best Buy Reward Zone program was informative. AllianceData published an article on the one year anniversary of Reward Zone (see Alliance). The Director of Relationship Marketing at Best Buy, Karen Maurice said that the loyalty program originated from recommendations by focus groups of customers four years prior to its launch in July 2002. Best Buy spent four years doing research, modeling how it would work and preparing a business case. Relationship marketing was able to make a case for “a rather large investment and said, ‘let’s pilot it.’”

Their approach was test based. The first release was to 50 stores in California. The results were impressive so they decided to rollout nationally. At that time the program was fee based, costing $9.99 per year. Even after the national rollout and especially during the first year’s renewal, Maurice says they were testing multiple approaches to see which had the most impact.

According to the Associated Press, (see wcco) in September 2006 Best Buy dropped the $9.99 fee and extended the program with an associated credit card. The customer earns more points and Best Buy can better understand their customer buying patterns. The credit card can also be considered part of the loyalty program. The popular Reward Zone was trusted enough to extend into other areas of the customer life style.

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