Monday, June 23, 2008

Mobile Marketing for the National Gallery of Art

A proposed mobile campaign for the National Gallery of Art will use QR Codes to integrate National Gallery print materials with its online assets. QR Codes are a special type of barcode that is optimized for use by mobile devices. Smith (QR Codes) echoes the view of many. He observes that QR Codes and mobile form factors link print media with the Internet. By strategically locating QR Codes, mobile readers of Gallery print media can link to the Gallery Web site, getting more in-depth coverage, and the other useful online services.

By using a QR Reader, such as a mobile phone with camera and QR software, one can jump from the print world to the online world. This is unprecedented value for the customers of the Gallery store. As an example of QR Codes, consider Leonardo’s Ginevra de’ Benci. The URL for the web page with the detailed explanation of the painting is Ginervra, while the QR Code for that URL is below.

Gallery print materials for the book store will have QR Code to link to always up-to-date reference materials on the works of art or the artists. By also forwarding users from the Gallery Web site to associated blogs, and community sites further information becomes available and communities of interest can be accessed from print materials.

For a comprehensive look at the potential of mobile marketing at the Gallery, see Redmond Review Gallery

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streetstylz said...

The NeoReader is great at reading QR codes :)