Sunday, May 17, 2009

Everybody Got a Chevy

This Impala ad is taken from Source magazine. The company, Chevy and the model, Impala were the original lowriders so there is a cultural history in the brand. True, the cars today are different than they were 40 years ago but still history does provide that cultural connection. You can still see the old Impala low riders on the streets today. By employing Hip Hop artists, Chevy reestablishes and reinforces that old connection; this is a ride for the hip.

The artists, Cadillac Don & J-Money did a series of videos on Chevy models. Here’s an example in a Chevy lowrider:

Peanut Butter and Jelly

The "Everybody Got a Chevy" series of videos features a different model in each. It ties in beautifully with print ads commissioned by Chevy employing the Hip Hop artists. The fact that the videos are not traditional video ads only reinforces the leverage in the print ads, since the music videos are now associated with the cars and they appear less mediated. I think we will see more and more non-traditional work federated with traditional.

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