Thursday, July 17, 2008

The New Media Collaboration Project

The Collaboration Project is a vibrant community of public administrators working to improve government services through the use of social media. The Project works in conjunction with the National Academy of Public Administrators commissioned by Congress to provide an independent perspective for resolving the most complex problems facing large organizations. While primarily focused on government, the Collaboration Project can provide insights to commercial uses of social media as well. It is located at CollaborationProject.

The Pillar Post for the Project’s blog expresses the Project Mission, to foster a “conversation about Web 2.0 and how it can be used to solve some of the critical problems facing America.” It also gives an overview of the database of case studies on the use of new media, as well as the content section of the site with detailed research, some by the Project and some by the New Paradigm organization.

Some highlights in the Case Studies database include:

American Solutions For Winning the Future
"A wiki site to draft proposals, create teams, post comments and rewrite proposed solutions to the problems America faces."

Federal Enterprise Architecture Data Reference Model Working Group
"Uses social media for information exchange processes to enable national information sharing."

Flu Wiki
"The purpose of Flu Wiki is to help local communities prepare for and cope with a possible pandemic influenza."

NASA World Wind
"Social Media as a way to continuously expand the data and imagery available in World Wind."

National Institutes of Health on Second Life
"Second Life, the virtual world filled with avatars, creates opportunities for members of the NIH community to become more accessible."

NOAA Virtual World
"Thanks to Second Life, people can now be educated about the Earths' environment in a myriad of ways."

Office of the Director for National Intelligence Intellipedia
"Intellipedia is a peer-to-peer online collaboration network built on the same open-source software used by Wikipedia which allows intelligence analysts to share information."

Peer-to-Patent Project, US Patent and Trademark Office
"Social media organizes public participation to improve the quality of issued patents."

Washington D.C.'s Citywide Data Warehouse
"The District of Columbia was searching for a way to improve service delivery, drive efficiencies, enhance public safety, and reduce costs."

In addition to the case studies, research papers are published. These are located at ContentLibrary. A Blog has been deployed and its latest post is titled Most Companies use Games; Shouldn’t You?

This site has promise and is well worth tracking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks George!

We greatly appreciate your interest in what we're trying to accomplish here at The Collaboration Project. In case you or any of your readers are interested, we also have a Facebook group dedicated our cause.

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