Monday, August 4, 2008

Sa Ne Faire Rien? Public Relations and the New Media.

The old image of public relations as bar flies with delusions of being puppet masters came a cropper. The public became cynical of public relations as in CYNICAL. The nature of public relations is coming full circle, according to David Scott (New Rules of Marketing and PR), Paul Gillan (The New Influencers), and Lauri Wilson and Joe Ogden (Strategic Communication Planning).

Wilson and Ogden trace the creation of public relations as strategic advisor to the CEO in the early 20th century and its quick fall to a staff function considered a luxury. Inger Stole tells us the dark purpose of public relations, after the tragic fall and before its current resurrection, was to “resist and co-opt the consumer movement” and buttress slick advertising (see University of Illinois Books).

Innovative forces have been unleashed by the new social media and they are working utter destruction on the old PR. The value of the new public relations is honest and open content that is readily available to searchers when they need it. “Content drives action.”

The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations in its Official Statement on Public Relations(see PRSA Mission), and it is consistent with the new PR described by Scott. The essence is that it fosters mutually beneficial relationships.

Redmond Review has a complete analysis at Redmond Review Sanna Fairy Anne

Wilson, Laurie and Ogden, Joseph (2004). Strategic Communications Planning, 4th Ed. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

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