Saturday, May 24, 2008

Age Compression

Clif Bar has successfully targeted children, the market for their zBar product. Why would kids be interested in a healthful energy bar. There is also a psychographic trend in play.

CLIF BAR has hit upon age compression effectively. Kaplan (2001, p 1) says “The other trend is psychographics and is known in the entertainment and toy industry as age compression. This, more specifically, is a very strong trend where young children want to grow up faster than ever before.”

They may also be in the psychographic segment that Duncan (2005, p 228) calls skippies – School Kids with Income or Purchasing Power.

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Kaplan, Henry (July 9, 2001). Company Interview Excerpt
HENRY KAPLAN - NEWKIDCO INTERNATIONAL INC. The Wall Street Transcipt. Retrieved on May 24, 2008 at

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